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Usha Saha

Usha Saha

Content Editor


1st September 2020 -

1st January 2021

Usha Saha, an Electronics and Communication Engineer preparing for the GATE and IES exam and currently working as a Content writer-Intern with LearnElectronics.

She also has experience of few non-technical exams like IBPS, RRB, KVIC, and DRDO and has qualified preliminary examination for RRB.

She likes writing (on technical and non-technical stuff), traveling, shopping online, and for her spare time, she likes listening to music.

Work -

Usha, joined as a Technical Content Writer in September and with her performance she managed to achieve the role of "Content Editor".

As a Content Editor, she reviews, edit, modify and assign articles to other Content Writers. Also, she researches and brings the best list of topics on which the articles should be written.

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