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Courses & Projects Bundles

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  • Projects Bundle - One Time Payment

    Get Access to all the Paid Projects with Lifetime Validity and pay only once.
    • Object Distance measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Smart Farming IoT Project
    • IoT Controlled Robotic Arm Project
    • GSM Module - Arduino Project
    • Controlling Home Appliances using NodeMCu
    • IoT based Robotic Car Project
    • +12 more projects
  • Most Popular

    Courses Bundle - One Time Payment

    Lifetime Validity to all the Certified Courses listed below
    • Arduino Basics Course
    • Introduction to 8085 Microprocessor Course
    • Op-Amp Basics & Practical Applications Course
    • Arduino Beginners Course
    • Getting Started with Raspberry Pi - Pico
    • Arduino Beginner to Intermediate Course
    • IoT for Beginners Course
    • Arduino Beginner to Advanced Course
    • more courses to be added soon...
  • Courses & Projects Bundle - One Time Pay

    Get Access to all the Courses & Projects with Lifetime Validity and pay only once.
    • 7+ Courses
    • 20+ Projects

There are multiple Recurring Plans and you might be asked to Pay a monthly Fee to continue enjoying the Plan Benefits. For some payment methods, there are plans that might have AutoPay option.

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