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IoT Weather Station project using NodeMCU

Updated: May 19

A weather station is a place where meteorological observations can be made. The basic parameters like temperature, humidity, and pressure can be monitored using an #IoT Weather station. #NodeMCU is a combination of node and MCU. MCU stands for Microcontroller Unit. NodeMCU is an open-source firmware and development board specially used for IoT-based applications. It is the firmware for which open-source prototyping board designs are available.

To monitor the climatic conditions we can use this project IoT based weather monitoring system using NodeMCU.

Hardware Requirements:

The hardware equipment required to design an #IoTWeatherStation using NodeMCU is as follows.


6. Node mcu(esp 8266).
Node mcu(esp 8266)

NodeMCU is a firmware and development board. It is used in IoT-based applications. It is one of the important components of this project.

2. 20x4 LCD Display Module:

20x4 LCD Module
20x4 LCD Module

Liquid Crystal Display (#LCD) is a visual display that uses the light-modulating properties of crystals. 20X4 LCD can display 20 characters in each of four rows i.e., a total of 80 characters.

3. Jumper wires:

Jumper wires
Jumper wires

Jumper wires are used to establish connections between different components in the circuit.

4. USB cable:

USB cable
USB cable

Universal Serial Bus(USB) is used to connect peripheral devices like printers, keyboards to the computer.

5.I2C board:

I2C board
I2C board

Inter-Integrated Circuit(#I2C) boards are used to attach lower-speed peripheral IC's to processors and microcontrollers over short distances.

Circuit Connection:

Vin pin is connected to Vcc pin of LCD module, GND to the GND pin of the LCD module, D1 pin of NodeMCU is connected to Serial Clock pin of LCD module. D2 pin of NodeMCU is connected to Serial Data pin of LCD module.

Working of IoT weather reporting system using NodeMCU:

The below program is written in Arduino IDE and uploaded. After uploading the code serial monitor is opened by NodeMCU an IP address is assigned to the device and the weather information is displayed. The information related to weather can be accessed using an application called OpenWeatherMap and create nodemcu weather station OpenWeatherMap project.


Video By: Harshit Gupta

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LearnElectronics India's explanation is spot-on. Great work!


Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta
20 Jul 2023

The blog's inclusion of a detailed list of components required for the project is very helpful. The writers have even provided links to purchase the components, which saved me a lot of time searching for them. Thank you, Learn Electronics India, for going the extra mile to ensure a smooth learning experience.

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