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Top 50 PLC Projects for Engineering Students

Updated: May 4

Programmable Logic Controllers, or PLCs, are essential components in modern automation systems. They are used to control a wide range of machinery, from manufacturing equipment to traffic lights. For engineering students looking to specialize in control systems, PLCs provide an excellent platform for experimentation and learning. In this article, we will introduce 50 project ideas for engineering students to explore and learn more about PLCs.

  1. Automatic Door Control System

  2. Elevator Control System

  3. Traffic Light Control System

  4. Conveyor Belt Control System

  5. Water Level Control SystemTop

  6. Temperature Control System

  7. Automated Packaging System

  8. Batch Mixing System

  9. Car Parking Control System

  10. Bottle Filling System

  11. Automated Coffee Maker

  12. Solar Tracker System

  13. Automated Irrigation System

  14. Power Factor Correction System

  15. Air Conditioning Control System

  16. Industrial Boiler Control System

  17. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

  18. Automatic Lubrication System

  19. Lighting Control System

  20. Pneumatic Control System

  21. Automatic Pet Feeding System

  22. CNC Machine Control System

  23. Automatic Fish Feeder

  24. Automatic Milk Collection System

  25. Automatic Waste Segregation System

  26. Automatic Bagging Machine

  27. Automatic Weighing Machine

  28. Automatic Fruit Sorting System

  29. Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator

  30. Automatic Textile Machine

  31. Automatic Paint Sprayer

  32. Automatic Sheet Cutting Machine

  33. Automated Assembly Line System

  34. Automatic Poultry Watering System

  35. Automatic Liquid Filling System

  36. Automated Conveyor System

  37. Automated Solar Panel Cleaning System

  38. Automated Door Lock System

  39. Automatic Street Light Control System

  40. Automatic Car Washing System

  41. Automated Fire Fighting System

  42. Automatic Gas Cylinder Filling System

  43. Automatic Car Battery Charger

  44. Automatic Plant Watering System

  45. Automatic Parking Ticket Dispenser

  46. Automated Fish Tank Monitoring System

  47. Automated Garbage Collection System

  48. Automatic Labeling Machine

  49. Automated Gas Leak Detection System

  50. Automated Food Processing System

PLC Projects for Engineering Students - With these 50 project ideas, engineering students can explore the full potential of PLCs and learn how they can be used to control a wide range of automation systems. The projects range from simple control systems to more complex ones, providing ample opportunities for experimentation and learning. By working on these projects, students can gain a deeper understanding of control systems and prepare themselves for a career in automation and control engineering.

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LearnElectronics India simplifies complex concepts beautifully. Thank you!


Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta
Jul 17, 2023

Learn Electronics India has done a fantastic job with this blog/article! The 'Top 50 PLC Projects for Engineering Students' is a treasure trove of innovative ideas. The clear instructions and the inclusion of relevant diagrams make it a go-to guide for anyone interested in exploring the world of PLCs. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

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