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Interfacing Keypad with Arduino UNO using TinkerCAD

Updated: Jul 21

Keypads are generally used as input devices that take user input and process it. Membrane keyboards are characterized by the use of keys that are pressure pads with symbols printed on them. This contrasts with a mechanical keyboard, which features separate and individual keys. Because of their design, membrane keyboards are smaller and more compact than their mechanical counterpart. So, today in this article we will use a Keypad and interface it with Arduino UNO R3 using the TinkerCAD platform.

Read this complete blog to learn - "how to connect 4x4 keypad to Arduino?"

A list of components required to implement the circuit both manually and using TinkerCAD is given below.

Hardware Requirements:

1. 4x4 Keypad:

4x4 membrane keypad
4x4 membrane keypad

A 4x4 matrix keypad is used as an input device that takes inputs from the users. It consists of 16 pins in total with four rows and four columns. On pressing a key, a connection will be established between the corresponding row and column between which the switch is placed.

Check this project of 4*4 Keypad as well - Creating a Calculator using 4*4 Keypad and Arduino

2. Arduino UNO:

Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO

The Arduino is a programmable #microcontroller, an open-source electronics proto-type platform. It interacts with the user by receiving input with the aid of sensors and provides the output employing LED, buzzer, etc. We can write code using the Arduino IDE platform and make various projects.

In order to know more about the Arduino UNO, refer to this article.

Software Requirements:

TinkerCAD Software:

TinkerCAD SOftware
TinkerCAD sotware

It is an easy-to-use online simulation software that is equipped with all the essential components which are required to build the circuit and analyze it. You can tinker with various Arduino circuits and just like Arduino IDE write the code in TinkerCAD com.

Visit the TinkerCAD website, and learn how to use TinkerCAD but make sure that you have created an account on the website and do TinkerCAD login to create various Arduino projects.

Arduino Keypad Connection:

Interfacing Keypad with Arduino
Circuit Diagram - Interfacing 4x4 Keypad with Arduino

Circuit connection involves the following steps :

  • The circuit connection involves very simple steps. In the keypad, there are 8 pins in total out of which 4 pins correspond to the Rows (viz., R1, R2, R3, R4) and the other four correspond to the Columns (viz., C1, C2, C3, C4).

  • The row pins are connected to 9, 8, 7, and 6 Digital pins of the Arduino UNO.

  • The column pins are connected to 5, 4, 3, and 2 Digital pins of the Arduino UNO.


Arduino - Keypad & LCD project working:

To start with first visit the TinkerCAD website. Create an account and move to the circuits section. By clicking on Create a new circuit, you will be driven to a window where you can build the circuit. It will be equipped with all the components required and you can just drag the elements necessary and connections can be made using jumper wires.

To know more about TinkerCAD, you can just surf through the website or you can watch the video.

Upload the code in the code section and start simulating to check the output of your circuit.

The image below shows the output of the key we have pressed on the keypad.

Image showing the output - interfacing keypad with Arduino
Image showing the output - interfacing keypad with Arduino

Video by - Sri Harshitha

Simulation software plays a leading role in designing huge circuits which helps to understand, analyze and provide outputs for a large set of input values which would be hectic doing it manually. It helps in avoiding any damage to the hardware by going beyond the rated value.

Validate your new circuit ideas and know the scope and boundaries of your circuit like we did for Arduino UNO & Keypad interfacing using TinkerCAD.


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