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Let's get started with IoT!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

The Internet of Things commonly alluded to as #IoT is something that a technologist gets to hear every day. But what is #IoT and why is it getting so much hype?

In simple words, #IoT is nothing but a network of things connected to the internet enabling data collection and sharing. The "things" incorporate everyday objects which have embedded systems, #sensors, and many other innovations that will serve as the key to create a digital world brimming with unlimited prospects.

Yet can we just think for a moment, why we actually need this! Gadgets don’t have brains, yet on the off chance, if we can successfully connect several objects and add features like sensors, we give them a level of intellect where they can communicate without the help of a human being. Pretty cool!

Let’s clarify the idea even better with an example. You have a tiring day from work and the summer is intolerable. You wish to have the room air-conditioned before you reach home and you can do that with a click from your smartphone.

So is it like a child’s play? Never. The size of #IoT can vary from switching on a light bulb to making an entire smart gird up or running a full city efficiently. Interconnecting different gadgets to the web began path started way back in the '80s, nonetheless, the term was coined in 1999.

One of the earlier uses was the technology of connecting the soda machine to check the availability, temperature, etc. But these days, the use of #IoT is skyrocketing and is used in even the smallest devices to make them shrewd.

How about we investigate probably the most significant advancements that we use in our everyday life. Let's go.

1) Surveillance and Monitoring: In many sectors, continuous monitoring of various aspects are needed and #IoT plays a pivotal job in such areas. In the healthcare sector, systems build using #IoT are used to keep track of the recovery of patients. This concept is likewise used in pollution alert systems to know the alarming levels of CO, CO2, SO2, and NO2 in the atmosphere and target monthly reductions.

2) An automated world, a better world: The impact created by #IoT in the field of #automation is beyond words. Indeed, even the smallest of tasks can be controlled using apps in smart devices which triggers the use of versatile and convenient low energy devices. Smart-cities use #IoT and #automation to solve everyday problems like waste and water management.

3) Wear it like an armor: Here comes the cool stuff. This is a ceaseless rundown of such huge numbers of innovative products starting from wristwear to lifestyle management devices. The most common functions of wearables are usually identification and safety. Be it, watches, music systems, or fitness trackers; you name it, you find it! Quite wonderful!

4) #IoT in Agriculture: Smart-farming, i.e. building #sensors in plants to monitor the growth of the crops is considered to be the most ideal method of the best ways of modern agriculture as it has the potential to enhance the quality of produces. Other than that, it is used in robots that can spray pesticides, harvest crops, and comprehend the soil quality.

We just had a peek at some of the common applications of #IoT. But what can we say about the genuine extent of #IoT?

#IoT and #CloudComputing are like bread and butter; they go inseparably. While using #IoT, a great deal of information is stored in the cloud. This can be used in #MachineLearning and Artificial Intelligence, and by training this data, the decision-making process can be made simple and more efficient.

There is also a whole different set of #IoT solely for industrial sectors and its applications known as IIoT which covers areas like #robotics, medical devices, and software products. This stream plays a crucial role in building smart cities and buildings. Machines are optimized and analyzed in a much easier and faster way using IIoT.

But due to the immense use of data, numerous grievances have been enlisted, beginning from #hacking to serious warfares between countries due to data breach. Keeping #security and privacy in mind, #IoT requires care while installation to prevent threats caused by hackers or prevent data in any form.

In any case, regardless, this is a technology that will revolutionize the world because everything around us is getting smarter day-by-day. A watch is no more a device that we use to look the time at, but something around which our whole world can revolve around. But just like any other #technology, it needs to be utilized wisely and the greater heights can be conquered.



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Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta
31 de jul. de 2023

As an AI enthusiast, I always wanted to understand how IoT and AI intertwine. Learn Electronics India has delivered an exceptional article that sheds light on this intersection, making it easier for me to grasp the big picture. The writing style is engaging and informative, making this blog a valuable reference for anyone venturing into the world of IoT. Well done.


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