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Indoor Air Quality Platform With Artificial Intelligence for Smart Odor Sensing

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Renesas Electronics Corporation - a Japanese #semiconductor manufacture that is in Tokyo. It has been manufacturing, designing, and selling operations in and around 20 countries. It was the world's largest auto semiconductor builder in 2014, and the world's largest maker of microcontrollers.

“The IAQ market’s demand for higher accuracy, improved performance, and greater flexibility to address application-specific requirements continue to rise, as customers prioritize part-to-part consistency for this market success,” said Uwe Guenther, Senior Director, Sensing Solutions, #IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas.

Being a premier supplier of an advanced semiconductor it expanded its popular ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor platform with the power of embedded #artificialintelligence (e-AI), enabling a smart odor sensing for ventilation control, bathroom control, and air quality monitors.

After plenty of research and development of the ZMOD4410 platform is capable of not only detecting gases that indicate the presence of odors in small enclosed rooms with higher accuracy and improved deviation, that can also distinguish between sulfur- and ethanol-based odors. These updates are the first in a family of e-AI-based firmware solutions from Renesas.

An ultra-dimensional #sensor as its approach enables the updated ZMOD4410 platform to be much more accurate and selective by applying AI-based capabilities for smart sensing, which gives customers a higher accuracy, higher flexibility options as they need to customize their ventilation and odor monitoring and control systems, and provide consumers with a more enjoyable environment.”

The company’s unique software-configurable ZMOD platform provides greater design flexibility for smart sensing systems, allowing firmware upgrades in the field that enable new, application-specific capabilities such as selective measurements to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The new firmware upgrades enable IAQ measurement within international guidelines, allowing customers to measure total VOCs (TVOCs) and IAQ in the low parts-per-million range (ppm). The higher accuracy and consistency provide improved estimated Carbon Dioxide (eCO2) levels. ZMOD4410's AI firmware is been implemented on a Renesas RL78 MCU, and can also be implemented on any Renesas MCU which includes RE, RA, or RX devices or any other general-purpose MCUs.

The ZMOD4410 platform can also indicate the presence of odors in small enclosed rooms with higher accuracy and better part-to-part deviation and it can distinguish between sulfur and ethanol-based odors. ZMOD4410 is the combination of programmability, best-in-class stability, and sensitivity in VOCs measuring, hence it is the best solution for #IAQ applications including smart HVAC systems, ventilator fans, and bathroom lights and switches.

The ZMOD4410 is designed with metal oxide (MOx) material that has each sensor #electrically and chemically tested for consistency. also, an important advantage for the manufacturers is that the ZMOD4410 devices are highly resistant to siloxanes for superior reliability use in harsh applications.



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Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta
Jul 31, 2023

Excellent work, Learn Electronics India! This article on the Indoor Air Quality Platform with AI for Smart Odor Sensing is nothing short of brilliant. The way it delves into the importance of indoor air quality and showcases the role of AI in enhancing our living spaces is commendable. The content is well-structured, engaging, and filled with valuable insights. As someone interested in environmental technologies, I found this blog to be incredibly informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and contributing to the awareness of this critical topic. Well done.


LearnElectronics India simplifies complex concepts beautifully. Thank you!

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