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Lens Reduction Linear Image Sensors | Industrial Equipment

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Type 1500-Pixel Monochrome CCD

Toshiba Corporation a Japanese multinational company whose headquarters is situated in Minato, Tokyo. Its diversified services and products also include fields such as information #technology and #communications equipment.

Its 22,000 employees all around the world share a determined value of its products and emphasize close collaboration with customers to promote the co-creation of value and new markets. The #company looks forward to building on annual sales now surpassing 750-billion yen (US$6.8 billion) and contributing to a better future for people everywhere.

Toshiba Corporation has launched two #lenses those both attribute reduction type 1,500-pixel monochrome CCD these linear- image #sensors are for industrial pieces of equipment: “TCD1105GFG,” that are built-in with #electronic shutter function.

These two new sensors play two key roles in industrial requirements that is, faster operation of equipment of incorporate sensors. This also includes inspection of the equipment with monochrome CCD linear image sensors and lower #power consumption.

These two new sensors can be utilized at a maximum data-rate of 25MHz, and both can incorporate a timing generator circuit and CCD #driver, which enables high-speed operation with few external #circuits.

A built-in sample that holds the circuit lengthens the video output in the signal period, that contributes an easier design for high-speed signal processing.

In addition to this improved performance, a lower power consumption than Toshiba’s current high-speed products has achieved with a single 3.3V power drive.


  • 25MHz (max 1,500pixels,) data rate, monochrome CCD linear image sensors.

  • The built-in timing generator circuit reduces external driving circuits.

  • Built-in setup that holds circuit extend video output signal period (signal polarity: positive).

  • Built-in electronic shutter function: TCD1105GFG only.

  • Single 3.3 V power drive.


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