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5G Technology in India!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

What is 5G?

The speed of the internet we use depends upon the signal strength i.e (3G, 4G or 5G) 'G' here represents Generation and fifth-generation or 5G is the latest advancement in the Long Term Evolution (#LTE) mobile broadband networks.

The three spectrum bands of #5G are - low, mid, and high bands. The ultimate speed in a low-band spectrum is limited to one hundred Mbps (Mega bites per second). It has shown an immense compromise in terms of coverage, latency, and data exchange. The low band spectrum is optimal for commercial cellphone users.

The mid-band spectrum provides comparatively elevated speed than the low band spectrum. However, it has limitations in signal penetration strength and coverage.

The high band spectrum offers the highest speed among all the three bands and the maximum speed is tested to be 20Gbps (Giga bites per second).

Most of the 5G telecom companies are opting for the mid-band spectrum, which fails to offer the same speeds as high band (millimeter wave) technology but provides strong connectivity both indoors and outdoors, thus striking a good trade-off between speed and range. The fourth industrial revolution has begun. To enumerate it, 5G is the new electricity that would take it a step ahead.

5G technology

4G to 5G Transition

  • During the 4G to 5G transition, 5G networks will use 4G LTE technology as a stepping stone.

  • As per the standards body 3GPP, the non-standalone 5G network architecture will have the 5G RAN, 5G New Radio, and 4G LTE infrastructure and the network core.

  • Small cell base stations use high-band radio frequencies called millimeter wave while 5G RAN base stations use mid-and lower-band ranges.

  • The government also elucidated that "the 5G technology will initially ride on the 4G technology. It is not going to happen that one fine day 5G will come and replace all 4G. That is not so!. The government noted that different countries will adopt different parts of the features and what is more likely is that in the initial years, the core and radio access network will have an equal distribution of 4G and 5G technology. The core will be of 4G and the radio access network will be 5G."

  • The 5G network core will employ edge computing, network slicing, and unified network access control.

4G to 5G transition
4G to 5G transition

5G in India

India is one of the rapidly developing countries in terms of #technology. Mr.Mukesh Ambani once said that data is the new oil and that's quite real.

Data is the Oxygen of a digital economy and the speed at which the Indian mobile industry has grown is exceptional in the world. This can be beheld by the way India has leapfrogged from a lowly 155th in mobile broadband penetration to being the world's largest mobile data consuming nation in just a year, higher than both US and China put together. (Source: NITI Ayog)

India's telecom colossus: Airtel, Jio, and Vi (Vodafone-idea) are working with telecom manufacturers viz. Nokia and Ericsson in order to make 5G a reality in the country.

Mukesh Ambani proclaimed the company's plans of building a 5G network made of native hardware and technological components.

Airtel has freshly efficiently trialed a 5G network in Hyderabad. Both Bharti Airtel and Vi have invested the last year updating their technology in composing for 5G and they state that their networks are nearly 5G set.

5G in India
5G rollout in India

An excellent combination of beneficial demographics, huge 4G usage as well as a rampant surge in data usage, holds the gigantic promise of heavy growth in telecom utilization, specifically as India is on the verge of crossing the USD2,000 per capita GDP mark. With a huge population, India's local market itself provides enormous growth opportunities. It is often said that the population of each state in India would be equal to a country, which makes the communication industry large.

Telecom giant Bharti Airtel on jan28th efficiently illustrated live 5G service on a use case basis over a commercial network in Hyderabad over its already existing broader spectrum in the 1800 MHz band through non standalone network technology. Chairman of Reliance group of industries Mr. Mukesh Ambani has proclaimed that Jio will pioneer the country's 5G revolution in the second half of the year 2021.

In some countries like China and the USA, 5G started rolling out and South Korea is the first country in order to initiate a huge 5G telecom network. Nevertheless, India has been delayed and it is still in the experimenting phase. In a recent parliament panel, it was mentioned that there would be a lag in introducing 5G telecom technology. The Government Of India is expecting 5G services to roll out by early 2022 after a spectrum auction which is planned to be conducted in six months. All the telecom colossal would take part in the spectrum auction, which enhances corporations to switch their infrastructure to the required frequencies and ultimately roll out their networks.


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Anushka Gupta
25 jul 2023

Incredible work, Learn Electronics India! This blog is a true testament to the potential of 5G technology and its role in India's development. The writer has successfully captured the excitement and promise surrounding 5G, making it a captivating read for both novices and tech-savvy readers. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

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