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Wi-Fi Modules for IoT Projects

Updated: Aug 8

The fundamental function of a #WiFimodule is to give any microcontroller access to a Wi-Fi network. The number of IoT devices is scaling up exponentially and, stable Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for the working of these IoT devices. Wi-Fi modules usually encompass multiple input-output pins of ADCs, DACs, timers, serial communication interfaces, etc. These modules are chosen depending on the requirement of a single or host processor plus a Wi-Fi module. Here are some of the popular Wi-Fi modules that will aid in a wide range of IoT projects,

ESP8266 - Wi-Fi Modules for IoT Projects

ESP8266 Wi-Fi module was produced by Espressif Systems. It has a full Transmission commission protocol and Internet protocol (TCP/IP) stack and enables any microcontroller to connect with the available Wi-Fi network. It is made of a 32 bit RISC microprocessor with a maximum clock speed of 160MHz. This module has 17 GPIO pins, some of which are UART dedicated. ESP8266 module operates in a wide temperature range and encompasses standard digital peripheral interfaces, power amplifiers, antenna switches, etc.

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ESP8266 Wi-Fi module
ESP8266 Wi-Fi module


This Wi-Fi module was produced by Texas Instruments. The CC3200 Wi-Fi module has a 32 bit ARM cortex M4 Wireless microcontroller unit with a processor speed of 80 MHz. There are about 27 individually programmable multiplexed GPIO pins. It has 256KB RAM space. CC3200 contains TCP/IP and TLS/SSL stacks along with multiple internet protocols. Peripherals like UART, SPI, I2S, I2C, ADC, etc. enable the usage of this Wi-Fi module in the high-end applications of IoT.

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CC3200 Wi-Fi Module
CC3200 Wi-Fi Module


This Wi-Fi module has an ARM Cortex A8 processor with a 1Ghz processing speed. PcDuino comes with 1GB DRAM and 2GB flash memory. The functioning of this Wi-Fi module is almost similar to a conventional PC Platform with a reliable operating system. It has 14 GPIO digital pins. The module supports both Ubuntu Linux and Android 4.0 ICS software. This Wi-Fi module can be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and, other boards in IoT projects.| Wi-Fi Modules for IoT Projects |

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SAMW25 was produced by Microchip. This has an ARM Cortex-M0 plus microcontroller unit with high power efficiency. The module has 8 Mbit flash memory and the firmware memory allows OTA up-gradation. SAMW25 has TCP/IP protocol stack applications and it is a fully certified IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IoT network controller. It can be used in IoT applications integrated with network stack protocol. This module provides security protocols like Transport-Layer Security (TLS).

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SAMW25 by Microchip
SAMW25 by Microchip

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