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Which Arduino board is best for you

Updated: May 11

best Arduino board Uno, Nano or Mega? Choosing Arduino for your first project or even for your 50th one can be a bit daunting at first. Some Arduino focus on performance; others, stability and speed. The right Arduino board will give you the right processing power and complexity for your project. Too much processing power can be just an exaggerated expense, and too less can be inadequate. So here is all you need to know to choosing an Arduino board for your next electronics project.

An Arduino Board can be really useful in a range of projects
An Arduino Project

Arduino Uno for Beginners

For beginner level projects, the Arduino Uno is perfect with its easy compatibility with multiple components. This board is known for its user and easily configurable environment. Moreover, you get an option of replacing its microcontroller, which also makes it highly customisable.

Uno for beginners
Arduino Uno

best Arduino board

Arduino Nano for Breadboards

From the name, it's clear that this board will be of smaller size and can perform fewer tasks compared to other Arduino. However, due to its small size this board is suitable for the projects that use breadboard as it has built-in header pins so that it can be fixed on breadboard and for beginner’s level it is the best option. This board does not have any power jack for power supply, so it relies only on its used port for power supply, or the external power supply given through the breadboard.

Nano for breadboard projects
Arduino Nano

best Arduino board

Arduino Due for complex project

With a 32-bit ARM core microprocessor chip and 512 KB of memory, Arduino Due is the best option for complex processor intensive projects. Moreover, it has a dedicated port for 9 volts battery power when the board is to be required to run at independent mode. The controller used in this board is faster as compared to all other Arduino boards.

Due for complex big project
Arduino Due

best Arduino board

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