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Op-Amp Basics & Practical Applications of Op-Amp.


In this Op-Amp Series you will learn following topics - What is an Op-Amp? History of Op-Amps, Types of Op-Amp? Working Principle of Op-Amps, Uses of Op-Amps How Op-Amp hardware(IC) looks like? Basic Op-Amp Circuit Applications of Op-Amps - Op-amp as a voltage comparator. Op-Amp working as a Voltage Follower/Buffer. Op-Amp working as an Amplifier. Op-Amp working as a Low-Pass Filter. Op-Amp working as a High-Pass Filter. Op-Amp working as a Band Pass Filter. Op-Amp used as a Summer, Subtractor, Integrator, Differentiator. Op-Amp is used as a Sine Wave, Square Wave, Triangular Wave Generator. Watch Time - 40 Minutes Created By - Abhinav Dhamne.





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