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Getting started with Raspberry Pi - Pico

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Raspberry Pi Pico


In this course, you will learn about - 1. Basic Intro to Pi pico and Comparison with Arduino nano 2. Programming with Pico - Install Thonny, MicroPython 3. Blinking the onboard LED using MicroPython 4. Blinking an LED using Raspberry Pi Pico 5. Controlling an LED using a Push Button 6. Control the brightness of the LED using a PWM signal & using a Potentiometer 7. First Project - Automatic Street Light using LDR More Projects: 8. In-built Temperature Sensor 9. Interfacing OLED Display 10. Logic Level Shifters with Pi Pico 11. Interfacing LCD with Pi Pico 12. Dual-Core Utilization 13. Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor 14. Controlling Relay with Pico 15. Interrupts with Pi Pico 16. NTC based shutdown 17. Night lamp with pi pico This is a Certified Course and a Digital Certificate will be emailed to the participants on successful completion of the course!! Course Created by - Abhinav Dhamne(Section 1) & Madhavan Thothadri(Section 2) Video Edited by - Abhinav Dhamne(Section 1) & Adithya S(Section 2) Articles Written by - Madhavan Thothadri Course Language - English Who should buy this course? 1. Someone who wants to Learn about Raspberry Pi Pico. 2. Someone who is an Electronics Enthusiast. 3. Someone who wants to practice projects with Raspberry Pi Pico.



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