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IoT for Beginners - Course.

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LearnElectronics India provides an introductory course on the Internet of Things (IoT)


In this Internet of Things (IoT) using the NodeMCu Course, you will learn What is IoT, the basic concepts of IoT, and the applications of IoT. The course has 8 videos that explain all the basic concepts which are required to start building IoT Projects for anyone. The hardware chip used in the Course is the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module i.e. the NodeMCu board and using which one can create several IoT projects on their own. Course Requirements: ESP8266 WiFi module. LM35 - temperature sensor. DHT11 - Temperature sensor module. LED Breadboard Jumper Wires Arduino IDE - Software. ThingSpeak IoT Cloud Account(Free) Blynk IoT App(Free) Note - The course is also available for free on our Youtube channel.



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