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Arduino Beginner

50% Off

Training Fee - 

INR 499/- Only

INR 999/- Only

Duration - 

15 - 20 days

Learn the basics of Arduino from Scratch, how to program the arduino board and how to interface various input/output devices with the arduino board.

Arduino Beginner

Benefits -

1. Training Certificate
2. Trained by Expert
3. Customized Session
4. Practical Learning & Project Making opportunity
5. Becoming a part of our Community.
6. Doubt Clearing Sessions.

Who should apply?


1. Engineering Students from ECE/CSE/IT/EEE/E&TC/Mechatronics background.
2. Students from any other Electronics or Robotics or IT background.
3. Someone who is Interested in learning Arduino.
4. Someone who is planning a career in Arduino or similar field.

1. Laptop
2. Internet Connection
3. Arduino Board and some basic electronic components like Push Button, Slideswitch, Resistors, LEDs, Piezo Buzzer, switches, potentiometers, 16*2 LCD, breadboard & connecting wires.

Training Syllabus -

1. Arduino Introduction.
2. Arduino Pin Configuration.
3. Arduino Programming.
4. Introduction to TinkerCAD
5. LED Blinking
6. LED Blinking using Arduino.
7. What is a Swtich?, How it works? & How to interface a Switch with the Arduino.
8. What is Push Button?, How it works? & How to interface a Push Button with the Arduino.
9. What is Potentiometer?, How it works? & How to Interface Arduino with Potentiometer?
10. What is Pulse Width Modulation?
11. How to Control LED Birghtness using PWM via Arduino?
12. How to interface a 16*2 LCD screen with Arduino?
13. How to interface a Buzzer with Arduino?
14. Project 1 - Arduino Calculator.
15. Project 2 - Alarm based Water level Indicator

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