Swathi Nagapuri

Swathi Nagapuri

Electronics Engineer


13th September 2021 -

13th November 2021

Hi, this is Nagapuri Swathi pursuing Bachelor of Technology in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering at Sree Chaitanya College of Engineering, Telangana. I am interested in learning new things and learn coding in my free time.

Intern's Work

Swathi joined LearnElectronics India as a Content Re-Writer Intern where her role was to improve/modify all the articles written by Content Writers based on the Guidelines provided.

With her exceptional performance as a Content Re-Writer and willingness to learn more, she managed to achieve the role of Technical Content Writer. Her Internship duration for the Content Writing post was from 5th April 2021 - 5th June 2021.

Recently she completed Internshp as an Electronics Engineer from 13th September - 13th November and her work during this Internship has also been added above.