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Sneha Gupta

Sneha Gupta

Content Editor


16th August 2020 -

16th September 2020

She is an 18-year old student pursuing CS from the University of Delhi. Desires to be a Web developer in a few years and currently works with LearnElectronics as a Content Editor.

Her work with LearnElectronics is to handle almost everything related to Content starting from Content Writing, Editing, Modifying, and implementing new ways to improve the content every day.

Moreover, her hobbies enlist Dance, being a Trivia Enthusiast & also a melomaniac. She is also discovering her interests through computer science gist. Her key skills include time management as well as an organized person.

Content writing is one of the skills which she tries to hone every single day as much as she can. Other skills are HTML5, CSS3 & Python.

Work -

As a Content Editor, the main job of Sneha was to review all the articles/blogs written by Interns. She managed to review around 100 articles in a period of one month and also found some time to write the above-mentioned articles.

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