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Aishwarya Balajee

Aishwarya Balajee

Electronics Engineer


1st September 2020 -

1st November 2020

Hello! I’m Aishwarya Balajee, pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in Vellore Institute of Technology, currently in my fifth semester. I grew up my entire life in the United Arab Emirates, but originate from Tamil Nadu.

My strengths include spontaneous thinking, creativity, and commitment to whatever I wish to pursue. I always tend to be more particular and meticulous with my work. Growing up, I’ve always been extremely fascinated by electronics devices/circuits, which led me to choose the stream I am pursuing. Math and other logically operated subjects like coding have always been the most interesting to me. I have always been keen on exploring new paths such as music, badminton, chess, etc. and in the past two years during my college have developed a strong interest towards IoT.

I plan on pursuing my higher studies on the Internet of Things and in a handful of years see myself in a position where I know enough to be able to mentor other keen minds.

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