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Arduino Master's Training

Available Online

Arduino Training & Internship - 30 Days

Program Duration - 30 Days Please read the description below↓

  • 15 minutes
  • 99 Indian rupees
  • Online

Service Description

Program Schedule - Day 1-2 -> Program Orientation & Arduino Introduction. Day 3 -> Arduino Programming. Day 4 -> Introduction to Tinker-CAD & LED Blinking using Arduino(Project 1) Day 5 -> Project 2 - Interface a Switch with the Arduino. Day 6 -> Project 3 - Interface a Push Button with the Arduino. Day 7 -> Project 4 - Control LED Brightness using PWM & Arduino. Day 8-9 -> Project 5 - Interface a 16*2 LCD screen with Arduino. Day 10 -> Project 6 - Interface a Buzzer with Arduino. Day 11-12 -> Project 7 - Arduino Calculator using Serial Monitor. Day 13-14 -> Project 8 - Alarm based Water Level Indicator. Day 15 -> Project 9 - Interfacing an HC-05 Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino. Day 16 -> Project 10 - Interfacing a Soil-Moisture Sensor with Arduino. Day 17 -> Project 11 - Interfacing a Servo Motor with Arduino. Day 18 -> Project 12 - Interfacing a DC Motor with Arduino? Day 19-20 -> Project 13 - Object Distance Calculator Day 21-23 -> Project 14 - Smart Handwash Prototype Day 24-26 -> Project 15 - Arduino-based Traffic Light System Day 27-29 -> Project 16 - Arduino-based Plant Watering System Day 30 -> Assessment & Program Conclusion Note -> This is a Training & Internship Program, so, you will have to work on the projects yourself first and the Trainer will guide you if you are unable to complete the project. Benefits - 1. Training Certificate 2. Internship Certificate 3. Trained/Guided by an Expert 4. Practical Learning 5. Project-Making(16 Projects) Who should apply? 1. Engineering Students from ECE/CSE/IT/EEE/E&TC/Mechatronics background. 2. Students from any other Electronics, Robotics, or IT background. 3. Anyone who is Interested in learning Arduino. 4. Anyone planning a career in Arduino or a similar field. Pre-requisites: 1. Laptop 2. Internet Connection 3. Arduino board, HC-05 Bluetooth module, various sensors & actuators like Soil Moisture Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Servo Motor & other components like Buzzer, Potentiometer, LCD Display, Motor Driver, Servo Motor, DC Motor, etc Program Start Date - New Batch starts on 1st of every month. Book your Slot now and we will schedule a meeting to discuss in detail about the Program and explain how to get started!! Do read the Terms & Conditions before joining ->

Terms & Conditions

Completion of Projects: Applicants are required to successfully complete all assigned projects to conclude the program. Certificate: A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful fulfillment of all the requirements. Refund Policy: No refunds will be provided in the event of non-attendance or inability to complete the program, regardless of the reason for withdrawal. Termination: LearnElectronics India reserves the right to terminate an applicant’s participation in the program for reasons including but not limited to - disobedient behavior, prolonged absence without notification, misconduct, or any other valid reason at the discretion of the program coordinators. Compliance: Applicants are expected to adhere to the guidelines and instructions provided by LearnElectronics India throughout the program. Changes to Program: LearnElectronics India reserves the right to modify the program structure, schedule, or any other aspect of the program as deemed necessary.

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