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Smart Lighting system for home

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Before starting off with the articles, let us take a moment to think about something that we used to think is unattainable to humankind; something like landing on the surface of the sun. Controlling the #lighting in your room using your command would have fallen in this category a few years ago, but now the #technology is turning ways to turn the impossible into something easy-peasy.

So, What is smart lighting technology and how does it even work? Is it costly and just a trend that has caught up! We shall answer all these questions in the article. Stay tuned.

Smart lighting is a technology where the system can make a decision on its own and can turn the lighting on/off, change colors, etc, using voice recognition, sensors mobile app, and many other condition-based technologies.

sensors mobile app
sensors mobile app

Why is smart lighting needed is the first question?

We wish to lead a smooth and comfortable life and a smart lighting system gets you one step closer to that. It redefines simplicity by automatically switching on the lights, changing hues and colors, and can even wake you up in the mornings.

The best part is that these smart lighting systems come in much affordable options where you get to control it using your mobile app and many other platforms. After all, keeping the lights in a centralized system and thereby accessing it isn't a bad idea.

Smart Lighting is a vast region of expertise and has a variety of applications. Let us take a look into some of the common types of smart lighting systems for homes is used.

1. Motion Sensing Lighting System: As the name suggests, these types of lights detect motion and turn on/off accordingly. They are often used for security purposes to detect suspicious activities and have been proved to detect burglary. These are also used in the streets and turn on only when motion is detected and saves electricity to a huge extent.

2. Using Mobile Apps and Voice Assistants: Most of the voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Nest Hub or Apple Homepod lets you access the (smart light system) using voice recognition and activation for convenient management. Time to tell Siri, to turn on the purple lights.

3. Smart Lighting controls using IFTTT: IFTTT stands for If This Then That, which is basically acting upon a condition. Let's make it more clear. Suppose you wish to switch off the lights whenever the fan goes off. Such capable smart lighting controls can be purchased and set up according to the convenience of the user.

A common question that might pop up in your mind is, is Smart Light just a thing that is getting a lot of hype but will fade off in a couple of years. Well, the future can't be predicted but talking about facts, most of the system uses a particular network called Zigbee technology ensuring interoperability and compatibility.

There are also wifi-based smart lighting systems that work even without the internet and activated using a remote control. Communication technologies like #Bluetooth can be enabled using a mesh network and can be considered future-proof with most of the standard fittings available in this model.

Smart lighting benefits over the common bulb!

Smart Lighting system
Smart Lighting system
  1. Minimalized energy usage: On average, these smart bulbs use 80% less power consumed by ordinary incandescent bulbs.

  2. Much longer life span: These smart bulbs not only consume less power but also have an additional 30,000 hours life span in comparison to the ordinary ones that last for over 2000 hours.

  3. Fun and entertainment satisfied with the purpose: It is indeed pretty cool to know that these lights are as much fun as their functionality and can easily lighten up the mood from energetic to comfortable and relaxing.

  4. Temperature adjustments according to the type of bulb: It might sound crazy, but the colors of the bulbs can actually influence the sleep routine. For instance, warm colors like orange are preferred to have a smooth sleep whereas blue colors are avoide.

Smart Lighting systems are taking over homes and businesses due to its versatility and energy conservation and security management. The idea that these can be customized according to a person's needs is making it more wanted. They play a vital role in home #automation and other developing technologies and are expected to be an unavoidable part of a lifestyle in the years to come.

Mobile Apps as Voice Assistants
smart lighting google assistant

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Anushka Gupta
Anushka Gupta
Jul 31, 2023

Hats off to Learn Electronics India for creating this highly informative and insightful blog on Smart Lighting Systems for home! The blog is a fantastic resource for both beginners and tech enthusiasts. The clarity of explanations and the way complex technical jargon is broken down into simple terms are commendable. I found the real-world examples and practical applications particularly helpful in understanding the benefits of smart lighting. The passion for electronics and home automation shines through in this blog. Thank you, Learn Electronics India, for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. I'm looking forward to exploring more of your content in the future.


LearnElectronics India simplifies complex concepts beautifully. Thank you!


Aug 30, 2022

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