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Guidelines For Uploading Blog


1. Language – English (Easy to understand, try to use minimum jargon words)

2. The article should be written in a way that is easy to read and digest.

3. Avoid long sentences and big paragraphs. Please do not write any sentence of more than 20 words and any paragraph with more than 5 lines.

4. Skip unnecessary words.

5. Avoid too much jargon.

6. Avoid using passive voice.

7. Do not ever - just copy-paste the content from anywhere.

8. Should take care of punctuation.

9. Proper Indentation.

10. Write articles reader-friendly.

11. Use Grammarly to check grammatical errors.

12. Proofread the article before sending it.

13. Minimum 700 words for all articles.

14. Add “.” (full-stop), “,” (comma), “!” (exclamation), “:” (colon), etc in the sentence wherever necessary.

15. When you upload the document make sure to properly format it and add all the necessary images, hyperlinks in the file.

16. Also, we have a "Drive Link" option that you can use to share all the images required for your blog. Just create a folder with the same name as your article/blog title and add all the images with the image name as the image caption to be added.

17. Also, don't forget to mention Author details at the end of the article that you would like to be shared with the readers. 

18. For any doubts fill the query form.

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