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Contest Guidelines:

1. Once the payment is made, you will get a confirmation via email for successful registration.

2. We will contact you via email for the next steps of the contest.

3. Winners will be contacted via email or call for price distribution.

4. Every participant will receive a digital participation certificate.

5. There will be 1 round in the contest with the following topics- 

  • Project Against Covid

6. Students can participate

  • Individual 

  • Group of 2

  • Group of 3

  • Group of 4

7. Participants can be from any degree, branch, or year.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Payment once made would not be refunded.

2. There is no sort of discount applicable for the quiz event.

3. In case of failed transactions, the refund will be sent within 5-7 working days.

4. Decision made by LearnElectronics India will be the final decision when it comes to choosing and declaring the winner.

5. Disqualification - Students/participants who have registered as both individual/group may get disqualified from the competition if found dis-obeying against the competition rules.

Project Guidelines:


1. Participants will be provided 72 hours to submit the project.

2. Participant/s can't use their final year or already created  for this competition. 

3. The results of the Round will be shared on the website and Winners will be emailed separately.

4. Make sure that you submit the Projects before the time ends. 

5. Timing will be shared with the participants via email.

6. Both Hardware & Software based projects are allowed.

7. Projects must be based on Corona Prevention and no other projects will be allowed. 

8. If a participant(both individual/group) misses the deadline for the project then the participant/s submission won’t be considered.

10. For any queries fill the below provided ”Query form”.

11. Marking criteria - 

  • 0-10 marks: Project idea(innovation, benefits)

  • 0-20 marks: Project explanation

  • 0-10 marks: Circuit working.

12. Participants are advised to complete the project within 2 days since video making/editing would consume some time.

13. Project video should be uploaded in Google Drive with the folder name as the title of your project.

14. The participants will be provided a form link where all the details plus the link of the Folder should be pasted.

15. Please do make sure that the folder/drive link you paste in the folder is accessible to anyone with the link. (Click on Share->Change to anyone with the link->Copy Link or Use Google search)

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