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ESP8266 based IoT Training & Internship Program

Get a certificate by completing the program.


Welcome to the IoT Training & Internship Program using NodeMCU! Join our comprehensive IoT-based Embedded Engineer Self-Paced Training Program and dive into the fascinating world of the Internet of Things (IoT) with NodeMCU (ESP8266). This program is carefully designed for beginners and enthusiasts seeking to acquire practical skills in IoT, sensor interfacing, and cloud platforms. Through a project-based learning approach and hands-on exercises using NodeMCU, participants will develop expertise in designing, simulating, and implementing real-world IoT applications. Who Can Join: 1. Electronics and engineering students seeking practical knowledge and industry-ready skills in IoT and NodeMCU. 2. Hobbyists and enthusiasts are passionate about the Internet of Things, sensor technology, and cloud-based applications. 3. Professionals aiming to expand their skill set in IoT and explore exciting new career opportunities. Key Features: 1. Self-Paced Training 2. Video - 15+ Tutorials 3. Projects - 10+ In-Demand Projects 4. Doubt Solving & Network Building Community 5. Quiz - Chapter-wise Quizzes 6. Assignments - Chapter-wise Project Tasks 7. Certificate. Program Disclosure - 1. The contents of the Training Program can be found on our Youtube Channel for free but it doesn't offer all the benefits/features as mentioned above. 2. The Program is for learning purposes and the participants can reach out to us(after joining the program) for any doubts, issues, or career advice.





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